About Stick and Moose

Stick and Moose

We're Stick and Moose. Well, actually we're Tony (Stick) and Lori (Moose). Stick and Moose are our trail names when we hike. Stick got his name from 30+ years playing drums as well as always hiking with a stick, as one always presents itself at the beginning of a hike. Grandma Gatewood once said, "It [the stick] helps with the snakes." That was good enough for Tony. And Stick was born. As for Moose, she came across a large twisted branch on a hike and immediately thought, "I can be a moose!" There may or may not be video footage of her quite authentic moose-sounds serenade. Add that to a song about a moose that Lori shares proudly, and thus Moose came to be

A few important tidbits: we are nature enthusiasts and passionate about travel, connecting with other people (regardless of where we find ourselves), hiking and outdoors in general. As coffee snobs, we are always searching for a high quality brew and new, local coffee shops to experience. Together we enjoy reading, meaningful conversations, and having 80's karaoke in the car! You have to hear us!

Stick enjoys playing the drums, as well as helping people through selling insurance. He also is a writer, runner and loves to get his Crossfit fix!

Moose, a teacher, practices yoga, enjoys running, as well as quiet moments reading in her backyard hammock. As a writer, she can often be found with a journal and cup of hot tea. You can find her personal writings and experiences under Create Me Beautiful, here on our website.

Residing in Middle Tennessee, we have 5 children, two chickens and three dogs.

Read our blog for our hiking adventures from around the world. Coming soon, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Cuba too (Summer 2019).