1. Regardless of how spontaneous you are, go ahead and book the first couple of nights in your destination. It allows you to acclimate, ask questions and settle into the new space. Airbnb is a great resource because the hosts can you give you great information.

2. Build a "Challenges are Growth Opportunities" mindset. The trip is not bad or messed up or a mistake when things don�t go as planned or if you do not know what to do. Ask questions. Reach out. And give yourself the space to feel afraid or unsure.

3. Explore a little at a time. Take it in. Process. Give yourself permission to be present right where you are.

4. Have a general plan of places you want to visit. At the same time, expect to learn about new places from people you meet or things you see. Stay flexible!

5. Be open to ALL possibilities!

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