We made it! We are officially on the ground in Stockholm and have begun our Scandinavia Adventure! We actually began on the way to the airport, as Stick accomplished driving in NYC for the first time, and may I just say - like a BOSS!

What a ride! NYC here we come
What a ride! NYC here we come, almost there

Our flight was actually out of JFK and after arriving earlier than needed, plus a couple of delays at the airport, and Willow having some anxiety, we boarded our plane. Willow fell asleep and stayed that way for 6.5 out of the 7.5 hours flight! Stick and I got some sleep as well.

What a ride! NYC airport
What a ride! NYC

Due to our having Willow and traveling through 4 countries, running a team race that requires a vehicle, we decided to rent a car this time. Rental car pickup went smoothly - we highly recommend Budget in Stockholm! As we made our way from Stockholm to Denmark, we stopped for our first official Fika in Sweden. Are you familiar with that term? Its coffee (or tea) and something to eat (often sweet), as well as conversation and connection all rolled into one.

FIKA cafe
FIKA cafe

It�s a beautiful mindset.

We stumbled into this little area called The Uplands, just outside of Stockholm. Quaint, quiet, friendly and DELICIOUS! The bakery there, Kardemumma) was so tasty and the service simply delightful. The weather was brilliant and it was the best way to begin acclimating and settling into our new space.

After driving several hours, taking care of requirements for Willow, we decided to camp at Glyttinge in Linkoping. We were not able to reach anyone at the campground office, and thus enjoyed Sweden�s �free-to-roam� attitude and policy. We pulled the car over on the side of the road, laid the seats down, pulled out our sleeping bag and fell asleep. Only to wake up 3 hours later in the middle of the night surrounded with bright sunlight. First funny Sweden story...Shortly after we awoke, a police officer pulled up behind us and we opened the door. He looked in our car loaded with two backpacks, gear, a dog, and two humans and smiled. �Go back to sleep.� He drove away and we drove on to Denmark�.

Car camping in Sweden
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