The Friendliness of Finland, Hiking and Traveling blog

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The Friendliness of Finland

Following an amazing week or so in northern Sweden and Norway, we drove towards Finland. We were curious about these next few days because nothing had really presented itself as...

No Words for Norway, Hiking and Traveling blog

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No Words for Norway

After Denmark, we found ourselves in this place� this world all its own. Surrounded by snow-tipped mountains, mighty fjords, rushing water, cascading waterfalls, lakes still a...

Virginia is for.. Backroad Surprises!, Hiking and Traveling blog

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Virginia is for.. Backroad Surprises!

Like we've said, travel adventures can happen in a plethora of ways. On our way back home from taking our daughter to the airport in DC for her study abroad semester, we decided...

You Can Hike in New Orleans???, Hiking and Traveling blog

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You Can Hike in New Orleans???

The answer is yes! So another way to explore a particular place in a budget friendly manner is being willing to give up two hours of your time. Two hours for a free weekend of l...

Costa Rica 'Pura Vida!', Hiking and Traveling blog

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Costa Rica 'Pura Vida!'

Sitting on the plane, reading back over our journal entries from these past two weeks. What an adventure! Costa Rica, I would gladly return any day to soak up your beauty!


Travel Tips for Couples, Hiking and Traveling blog

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Travel Tips for Couples

1. Regardless of how spontaneous you are, go ahead and book the first couple of nights in your destination. It allows you to acclimate, ask questions and settle into the new spa...